5 Ways to Become an Early Morning Warrior

It’s 4:30am and your alarm goes off. The night before you set it to the loudest, most obnoxious ringtone so you don’t sleep through it.

Now you’ve got drool on your pillow, it’s still dark out, and you’re wondering why on earth any sane person would ever be awake at this hour. Who really needs a firm booty? Sleep is healthy too right?!

An hour and a half later you roll over in bed and realize you do, in fact, want that firm booty but your mind has sabotaged you AGAIN!

We’re here to help! We’ve got 5 tips to make it to your early morning workout and not be miserable doing it!

Ditch the boring ring tong and pick a song that gets you pumped! It might be a Demi Lovato song about having an amazing revenge body. It might be Bohemian Rhapsody... whatever will get you dancing out of bed! Take it a step further and make a playlist for your drive to the gym!

One of the best ways to get motivated for something is to be looking forward to a reward. What can you reward yourself with for making it to your workout? That vanilla latte? A bubble bath? You could even reward a week of consistent workouts with that mani/pedi you’ve been putting off for way too long.... yikes!

Getting out of bed is so much easier when you know your bestie is getting up too and not snoozing away getting that beauty sleep. Get your girls together and start a morning workout routine! Life gets crazy, so take the opportunity to catch up on the latest gossip. Friends are always worth early mornings!

Let’s make a plan. What will you wear to your workout? Set it out the night before! (Or you can be one of those ladies who sleeps in a sports bra.... how?!? So many questions...) Make sure you eat a little something before your workout so you stay energized. Set your coffee pot to go off early so it will lure you out of bed. Take care of these practical parts so mornings are easier.


Make getting up a necessity. Park your alarm on the other side of the room or set 4 alarms. Make it as difficult on yourself as possible to go back to sleep. Your 4AM self may be grumbling but your 7AM self will be filled with pride.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to become a 5AM-er! Early morning workouts don’t have to be a drag. With the energy boost, extra time later in the day, and the occasional beautiful sunrise, what’s to lose? Check out one of our early morning classes and see for yourself! You’ve got this!

Some of our 5AM crew this week! We've got a spot for you!

Some of our 5AM crew this week! We've got a spot for you!

Maggie Glover