Arms and Abs

Alternate between arm, ab exercises as well as combo moves that target both muscle groups. Earn those killer abs and arms fast!


A total body workout that is Pilates based and utilizes ballet techniques to lift your seat, tone your thighs, and burns fat. You will leave each class shaking!

Fully Loaded

Break out of linear workouts with this fitness class that challenges you to move weight in all directions for a full 360 degrees of loaded movement. Push your performance the way your body was meant to move.


Get the intense cardio you need with the abs you want! Alternating spin and core in 15 minute intervals


Fitness Bootcamp

Earn your bikini body with this full body, circuit-style workout! Muscle toning for every major muscle group, cardio in between stations, and sprints & ab set at end of workout to maximize calorie burn even after your workout is finished!

HIIT Strength 

Use your body weights and free weights to break down muscles. Instructors will guide you through proper form.

Hip Hop Tabata

Dance your way to a better you! Tabata style workout using hip hop moves. 25 minute class. 

Fat Blaster

Get ready to unleash your beach body! You will go through a class alternating between cardio and toning exercises. Class will be heated.


Ropes + Reps

Move through three stations of strength reps, cardio moves and variations of rope movements!

20 Second Bootcamp

Tabata work at each station in this circuit-style workout! Burn major calories and work major muscle groups in this intense and face-paced class!


Cardio and strength training workouts will be organized in two circuits; meaning participants will move from station to station with short rest periods in between.

Cardio Lite

A cardiovascular workout with some strength and stretch! Low-impact and low intensity. Great for beginners or those recovering from injury.



A no nonsense workout that combines cardio drills, barre movements, step movements, and strength-building exercises in this high-intensity class. Ab set halfway through class. Class is heated, be prepared to SWEAT.

Kids Bootcamp

Classes begin with a warm-up and stretching and then move on to various group exercises, partner work and other fun fitness activities and games. Your kid will have a blast and spend ALL that energy! Separate passes required for each child. If dropping kid off, sign info sheet and waiver at front desk.

Cycle Sculpt

Combines the intense cardio of spin with challenging strength moves that utilizes all your major muscle groups


This is a great cardiovascular workout! Pedal through hills, sprints, and other challenging drills and exercises.


Burn some serious calories in Step! Step is proven to strengthen and tone muscle groups as well as improve coordination. 

Ride, Ropes, + Reps

Get the best of everything in this class! You will go from a high intensity 15 minute spin routine to circuits of ropes and strength exercises, then ending back on the bike. 

Inferno Burnout 

A heated class that targets one specific muscle group each week.  Class includes an extended stretch session! 

Sets + Reps 360

A full body workout of weighted movements using sets and reps to improve overall strength. Bursts of cardio to condition in between sets.

Yoga Stretch

Gentle flows to actively stretch the body and increase flexibility combined with relaxing poses to release built up tension!