Elite Volleyball Performance

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What is Volleyball Performance Training?

Volleyball is a fast paced, dynamic sport that requires athletes to have explosive power, quick change of direction, agility, and jumping ability. Players must manage complicated movements in every plane of motion. Due to this, a volleyball-specific strength and conditioning regimen is vital in helping your player reach their potential. Volleyball performance training will focus on increasing these skills by utilizing free weights, medicine balls, plyo boxes, agility ladders, jump ropes, plyometric hurdles, jump-trainers and more! Blocking footwork, approach footwork/armwork and defensive shuffling will be incorporated into each class. Teaching your player to jump and land well is also an essential component in volleyball performance training. There is no better time to conduct this type of training than the off-season. Most gains and improvements seen in the sport are created in the off-season. Your player will build confidence and excitement for the upcoming season through our Elite Program! 

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About Maggie

Maggie's volleyball career began at Waxahachie Jr. High School in Waxahachie Texas. She played 2 years of JV and 2 years of volleyball at the Varsity level from 2002-2006, and later went on to play for Southern Arkansas University as Middle Blocker for 4 years from 2006-2010. Maggie played 2 years on the Ellis County Junior Volleyball Club and 1 year on Dallas Summit Club Teams. She is the Gulf South Conference Commissioner's Trophy Recipient for 2011 and Gulf South Conference First Team Selection Fall 2010. Maggie is the owner of Glover Fitness and is passionate about health, fitness, and volleyball! 


We will be offering a 5 week session in the summer! Stay tuned!